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Our Latest Projects

PuroClenz – The industrial way to eliminate odors

Our specially designed process releases a powerful non-toxic vapor that destroys odors, allergens, fungi, bacterial, viral, and mold organisms. This fast acting process penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms resulting in a cellular and molecular defeat.

PuroClenz – The industrial way to eliminate odors

AutomotoHR – An Amazing “Hire to Retire” Talent Management Platform

Everyone is frustrated by how hard it is to find & keep amazing talent. We are re-inventing automotive HR and recruiting with our state of the art auto industry company career websites and revolutionary hire to retire talent management platform.

AutomotoHR – An Amazing “Hire to Retire” Talent Management Platform

MADE Logistics – One-Click Transport

Imagine being able to see where your vehicles are and who can move them, right now. MADE Logistics manages your vehicle transport process whether you use your own drivers, carriers like Ready or Central Dispatch, or both.

MADE Logistics – One-Click Transport

Value Based Condition Reports

Our easy-to-use value-based appraisal process is designed to quickly capture detailed condition information and calculate the true value of your vehicle, instantly.

Value Based Condition Reports

WreckCheck Diminished Value Resolution

WreckCheck™ calculates your diminished value based on market driven facts and gives you options to get paid for the Diminished Value now.

WreckCheck Diminished Value Resolution

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what we do

We commoditize the automobile industry.

  • VIN Specific Valuation

    Our unique approach to valuation takes into consideration the complete DNA (details that dealers never ask the customer) of a vehicle, not just the first 10 characters of a VIN.

    Our valuation approach is all about transparency.

    With full transparency we show you the impact of VIN specific damage, options, color, smell, previous paintwork, exportability and regionality.

  • Commoditize Any Car
    For Any Dealer Vehicle
    The Commoditization of any VIN takes seconds, not minutes. It does not require waiting for others to be contacted to bid, call the boss, or take any further action. It's an instant price that can be used as cash. Just follow the process. It's all about starting with transparency, and enabling any changes to condition to be added anytime in the life of the VIN to be modified to the current condition for all users to see, co-validate, and memorialize.
  • Critical Mass
    Predictive Matching of Buyers and Sellers

    R Hollenshead unique remarketing methodology historically has returned higher conversion and net returns, often imitated, never replicated.

    Using patent pending technology, we connect selected buyers to specific merchandise. Grouping specific merchandise to clearly identified markets to match supply and demand. It's not theory, it's science.

  • Data Driven Results
    Data Driven Results

    Because of the volume of units we price and buy, the by-product has created massive amounts of data that give us a totally unique perch to view and understand the market, domestic and international. Many items are employed in our pricing tools and diminished value calculator, the Dim Val Cal. It also gives a view of who is a “critical mass” buyer in regions and in what category of merchandise. This arbitrage is fundamental to the uberization and commoditization of the automobile.'s diminished value calculation process... Guaranteed!

Compare WreckCheck's real-time, transparent, transaction based, data driven process.

exotic car trade insurance

Our network of exotic car customers is worldwide. This enables us to buy any car, regardless of price, instantly. Volume and dollar amount have no limit. Our subscription-based process is available to any registered dealer in North America.

Serving customers on 5 continents for over 40 years

Each pin represents Dealers we have bought from and sold to...some only one unit, some as many as 10,000!