About Us

Over the past 44 years R Hollenshead Auto has created a reputation and a brand based on fairness, honesty and consistency that is unparallelled in the wholesale industry.

WHO WE ARE - our core principles

Longevity, innovation, integrity, technology, tenacity, transparency, inclusion

Spanning 5 decades in the wholesale automobile industry, we have survived gas crises, monetary crises, wars and natural disasters and we are still standing.

Having created numerous solutions that have enabled our companies and partners companies to excel.

In an industry that is typically reputation challenged, we have set a standard that exceeds customer expectations on every level.

We develop the products necessary to commoditize the automobile with transparency as our guide.  Among our achievements, we are the theory and development widely known as Trade-In Marketplace, acquired by Cox Automotive in 2014.

Volume 52 weeks a year, only seen in our lanes, anywhere in North America, for decades, regardless of circumstances.

We are not smart enough to trick people.  We find honesty to be our best practice.

Our founder insists on treating the least among us the same or better as the greatest among us.

SINCE 1972

Our founder has been dedicated to the wholesale automotive industry, creating R Hollenshead Auto Sales in 1979. It has taken our business around the world to 5 continents.

our mission

Our mission is to buy and sell every car in the world, at least once, while developing and leveraging the technology that will commoditize the automobile.


We are widely recognized as the largest volume, privately held wholesale entity in history, routinely buying and selling thousands of vehicles per month.

why choose us

Laser Beam Checks

What's a laser beam check? It is a check that is FedEx'ed the same day you send us a bill of sale. Your office manager or CFO will understand what we call a laser beam check.


We make deals other people can't. We don't need to place a vehicle with a third party so there is no delay in our decision process. It's instant.


We write a few thousand insurance policies every week. Our word is our bond any seller can take to the bank. Our products are not opinions, they are backed with our check. We are Trade Insurance.

compare tools

Different than any inventory managment system, book value, or market report, RHAS enables any dealer to make their deal and liquidate their unwanted inventory.

Partnership approach

Dealers that choose us as their wholesale partner soon come to realize we're in it for the long haul. We make deals that others can't because we're here to make our partners succeed.


In an industry renown for questionable dealings, RHAS does not tolerate, in any form, 'behind the curtain' transactions from any of our representatives, under any circumstance.


Reputations are difficult to make and easy to lose. With over 44 years in the wholesale business, our dealers tell us our reputation is second to none. Our simulcast sales numbers are on-going living proof. We are the highest selling volume and simulcast conversion dealer in the world.


We have been given many awards, break milestones and records regularly, but the award we're most proud of are the labels our customers have given us - King Of Wholesale, the Maestro of Manheim.

Meet The Hollenshead Team

Bob Hollenshead
Founder, 45 Years
MaryAnn Holden
Partner/Director, 25 Years
Travis Hollenshead
Vice President, 28 Years
Paul Jenkins
James Sibel
Jeff Zamora
Rob Bulyovsky
Partner, Canadian Operations, 7 Years
Florence Kline
Director, Operations 23 Years
Claudia Henriquez
Inventory Dept Manager, 16 Years
Lori Carpenter
Document Dept. Manager, 22 Years
Elise Holden
Internal Accounts Manager, 16 Years
Juliemar Irizarry
General Admin Manager, 12 Years
Rossana Barbieri-Mendoza
Document Mgmt, 15 Years
Rebecca Mulherin
Administrative Expert, 2 Years
Julie Chin
Administrative Expert, 1 Year
Michelle Lincoln
Document Mgmt, 8 Years
Juheirry Morales
Document Mgmt, 6 Years - Recipient of R Hollenshead Scholarship
Jonathan Callis
Document Mgmt, 15 Years
Chuck Beddick
Auction Relations Specialist, 25 Years
Hector Mendoza
Recon Operations Manager, 25 Years
Mike McCormick
GM Logistics and Sale Mgmt, 15 Years
Juan Castillo
Operations Head, 12 Years
Heriberto Morales
Recon Logistics
Joe Scirra
Recon Head, 10 Years
Mike Ortiz
Recon Manager, 10 Years
Sandy Bacharach
Inventory Acquisition, Exotic Analyst, 35 Years
Harry Ley
Inventory Acquisition, Pricing Analyst, 25 Years
Chuck Reimel
Inventory Acquisition, Exotic Analyst, 15 Years
Dru Marks
Inventory Acquisition, Pricing Analyst, 12 Years
Christopher Fell
Inventory Acquisition, Pricing Analyst 6 Years
John Pierce
Inventory Acquisition, Mid-South
Ed Prindiville
Inventory Acquisition, Pricing Analyst
Patrick Reimel
Inventory Acquisition
John Goodman
Inventory Acquisition
Sheikh Basim
Inventory Acquisition, 11 years

our Principles

Many of our employees start with us as children and have never left. Most of our employees have more than one person in the family working with us. We have fully funded the cost of higher education for many employee's children, and some come to work with us after they have graduated. Our team has always been a few steps ahead of the curve in an industry that has been stereotypically reputation challenged. Our founder, Robert Hollenshead, remains obsessed with maintaining our position as the industry standard. He believes that our products will be fundamental to the commoditization of the automobile, which is in our grasp. The Hollenshead entities remain dedicated to developing and operating innovative solutions in the wholesale industry.