A Complete Market Management System

Buy and Sell Tracking

HeadStartVMS give you the ability to buy vehicles while simultaneously entering them into the system. You can order parts, arrange transport, and schedule recon before the vehicle gets to your lot. HeadStartVMS tracks every expenditure, location of vehicle, and even title workflow. Selling, transporting, and collecting funds is as easy as it’s ever been!


Recon Tracking

Ability for manufacturers, captive finance companies, or dealers to track and authorize recon regardless of where vehicle is located. Ties into HeadStartVMS for operating staff to receive authorization, monitor workflow, and track vehicle. Once work is completed an automatic check writing/payment module will print checks.


Geolocation Tracking

Whether it is for floor plan checks by a lending institution or locating where your vehicle is as easy as the scan of a Vin. Instantly giving you the piece of mind that your asset is where its supposed to be.


Vendor Management

With authorized login credentials vendors can identify a vehicle needing recon anywhere giving the decision maker the ability to authorize the work, authorize the payment and release payment once work is finished automatically through system. Analytics can show you what vendors are working efficiently and at the pace you require to liquidate your inventory as fast as possible.


Critical Mass Arrangement

This feature is all about putting the right inventory in the right place so that when the vehicles run they maximize critical mass buyers eyes on the right cars at the right time while also not allowing a bad car infect the ones that surround it. This process has proven to be one of if not the most critically import aspect of running a live simulcast/traditional lane event.


Document Capture

HVMS simplifies document management by capturing all paperwork related to any vehicle transaction. Capture invoices, statements, titles, receipts, pictures and other documents relevant to your vehicles and find them instantly when needed.


The reporting functionality of these tools are simply amazing. They can be configured as you wish and exported in any and all formats. They are credential based for the privacy that may need to be kept from the masses or shared for all to see and use.


HeadStartVMS tools simplify & save

  • Complete inventory control
  • Enhanced vehicle decoding - "Chrome Plus"
  • Universal Condition Report
  • Satellite user tracking for remarketing
  • Manage payables/receivables with time date stamps that trigger various alarms
  • Track employee location and activity
  • Track and distribute titles
  • Facilitate floorplan checks for any bank or lender
  • Arbitration or mitigation
  • Tracks transportation

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