MADE Financial

MADE Financial


Value Range

MADE Financial is designed to deliver instant liquidation of aged inventory or unwanted trades. It fills a void in the current market place. Different than floor plan companies MADE Financial fits in when a unit becomes aged or is an unwanted trade. Integrated with MADE’s Headstart Management and Pricing/UCR tools, a subscribing seller simply enters the VIN specific data and is able to cash any car.

MADE is designed to liquidate units with or without a title. If a subscriber trades a unit that isn’t logical for their retail profile, they can sell it instantly. This obviously motivates sellers to use the product because most cars have payoffs. A seller can use the MADE funding to make the payoff (available to franchised and fully vetted used cars dealers).

Third parties can offer MADE Financial products to dealers in instances it promotes their model.

Funding Without Titles

With a subscription to the guaranteed pricing tool and condition report MADE Financial will fund vehicle for trade-in price without title present.

Finance Bridging

After MADE Financial has funded a vehicle and the title becomes available, the floor-planning company can now officially take over floorplanning dealers who purchase vehicles