New York Governor Signs Consumer Disclosure Bill

The New York Auto Collision Technicians Association (NYSACTA) has announced that Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed A7738 into law. The bill supports and reinforces NYS Ins Regulation 2610. Insurance company influence of network or program-preferred shops has some consumers confused as to their rights following an accident, especially when they find themselves directed to take…
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Diminished Value (DV) Trends

Diminished Value (DV) Trends By: Mike Lasini In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 novel, The Scarlett Letter, the main character had to wear a scarlet "A" to let others know of her alleged sin. Fortunately today, people are not subject to public shame over a single circumstance or event. However, if their vehicle has been in an…
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Diminished value calculator…backed with a check…holy schmozoly

It sure feels good creating software that will help right a wrong, fill a void, leverage 44 years industry knowledge/experience and help the average working guy and gal. Hot diggity dog. I've been screaming about diminished value for decades. A hit on a history report, correct or not, creates an undeniable diminution in value that…
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