Accu-Trade Is Your Valuation Navigation – Commoditization, Valuation, Navigation, The Master Key That Ignites Any Marketplace

Books, market reports, are maps. Accu-Trade is VIN specific navigation.

The analogous line: Books, market reports, are maps. Accutrade is VIN specific navigation. That's the elevator speech, the following is some detail.

A map costs little and could get you to the neighborhood, anybody can make one

Navigation costs a bit more to create and maintain, but delivers you to the front door.

Accu-trade is the transparent ignition switch to any marketplace...wholesale, retail, auction, online or in lane, diminished value calculation (guarantee), which is agnostic and actionable.

If you put the wrong address in navigation it will take you to the wrong place, similarly, Accu-trade is sensitive to accurate input of a few well defined VIN specific details:, color, smell, value impact options/physical characteristics (clearly defined on the site), previous paint, which combined create a VIN specific “pedigree”. This pedigree remains as the DNA(details never asked) of the VIN.

Accu-trade’s pedigree report (Universal Condition Report/UCR)can be accessed and modified by any authorized subscriber throughout the trade-in, transport, re-marketing, auction, arbitration process, future Diminished Value calculation and archiving.  Like a “one write” checkbook, transparency is absolute, fundamental, and unique.  By default, the product quantifies all information required by OMVIC and lending regulators.  There is little “wiggle room” left for interpretation.

Accu-trade’s transparent value impact price adjustments, each showing the associated value add or deduct, remain logical/irrefutable which enable logical conversation with your customer.

Accu-trade enables/determines a transparent Diminished Value Calculation Report resulting from accidents for insurance claims.  The report gives a guaranteed pre and post incident purchase offer that determines the exact diminished value. This is available to law firms as well as dealers, lease companies, and OEMs.

The Accu-trade process insures full compliance with OMVIC and any other compliance request when the user takes a few seconds to input vin specific disclosures that can be used in audit and can be accessed remotely.  By having your customer sign our time, date, location stamped report, we archive each transaction that can be accessed by an inspector in office…or remotely.  This will save every dealer from associated aggravation and panic attacks when the inspection is scheduled.

The Accu-trade lead generation widget for the user's website is unique to the industry.  Among the items that differentiate Accu-trade it can be set to be a guaranteed value directly to any consumer.  Obviously this has never been done in Canada.  It is instant and totally transparent.  To insure transparency, the product enables modifications for instances where the description from the retail customer has, by intent or oversight, entered inaccurate or incomplete information.  Using any mobile device, the dealer modified information co-validates the inspected, current condition.

The dealer website lead generator/ trade valuation product is built to recognize and enable modification to the subscriber's needs. It can create a trade-in range that matches the dealer's profile.  The rooftop can increase or decrease the consumer facing “offer”.  Depending on a dealer’s profile, business acumen/inclination, which obviously varies based on location, brand, the dealer can “white label” and modify what they want to offer their customer.  *this can only be done if Accu-trade is not referenced on line or at the dealership. 

Accu-trade builds a dealer/user profile that determines predictive activity based on their use. Part of the “one write” analogy it requires no second action from the user. It proactively adjusts as the user changes inventory needs, buying or selling. This process is patent pending that we believe will permanently disrupt the re-marketing process as we know it.

The founders and  Accu-trade team and re-marketing support have been in the wholesale valuation/re-marketing industry  cumulatively over 1,200 years (seems ridiculous but it is true, my name is Robert Hollenshead, not Methuselah).

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