VIN Specific Valuation

Our unique approach to valuation takes into consideration the complete DNA (details that dealers never ask the customer) of a vehicle, not just the first 10 characters of a VIN.

Our valuation approach is all about transparency.

With full transparency we show you the impact of VIN specific damage, options, color, smell, previous paintwork, exportability and regionality.

We show you the common problems based on the VIN. Nobody else can. We know what the common problems are after selling millions of cars over five decades that have been subject to the "post sale prevention" process, so we tell you - automatically - because the VIN pings our proprietary historic data.

We show you the recall information, automatically. We do this to make it easy for you to stay in compliance if you are a subprime lender, dealer, OEM, or third party user.

We show you the impact of a hit on a Vehicle History Report.

Our CRM enables you to slice and dice your activity, follow your appraisals, leads, customers, auction results, bid lot activity, units you bought and ones you sold.

Your pricing activity is tracked. You can turn on our "critical mass" engine. This enables us to know what you want and reveal those units to you with no added activity on your part. To good to be true? It ain't. It works. Let us introduce you to a world that seems to good to be true.

After VIN scan you can snap the pictures needed to load to any marketplace. We archive all data in perpetuity so whenever you want to refer to it, we keep it safe and sound for you. But we also introduce you to inventory you otherwise would never see. This inventory is logical to you, specifically, to what you are looking to source, now. If you are using the tool as a seller, this information is logged to be sure not to bother showing you that category of vehicles. But if you hit the buyer button when using the tool you will be bombarded with units in that category. This is the introduction to a new world in pricing and remarketing. The world of the MADE Marketplace ūüėČ.

Our tool has many industry unique customization features that were added with the understanding that not everyone looks at a car the same way. Some users are on the fly and want a bing, bang, boom number and do the ding, bumper, wheel deducts in their head. For those that want to memorialize, categorize, archive, our tool is built to enable you to "skin the cat" to tailor fit your profile.

Our tool set enables "Certified Swap" of any brand aged CPO certified units. Any dealer can use us as the unbiased base price to swap with any dealer a difference price. This enables turning aged CPO units without having to plow wholesale profit from other well traded units into the liquidation of unsold units. Ever have that problem? Everyone has unless you are God. We enable the solution.

Our DNA pricing (details that dealers never ask the customer) is all about transparency, from VIN uptake to archive.

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